I'm Buzz Cashion from Camden, SC and I welcome you to my website.
I am a  retired chemistry/physics teacher.  As you
may have noticed one of my hobbies is collecting glass insulators,
especially those used for telephone service. I began collecting
about 30 years ago and I'm just now getting back to the arena.
The background is a photo of one of my display cabinets and
contains some of my favorite pieces. My collection contains about
300 different designs, colors and embossings. While most
of mine are of the more common varieties I do have a few
items in the "exotic" category.  The attached pages will give you
an idea of my collection  and an insight to my other interests .
This cabinet contains the beginnings of a collection of insulators carrying the "Lynchburg" name.  Few of these have  exotic colors but most seem to be clear and very well made.
The background of this page is made from a photo of one of my display cases.
Oh by the way, we're Tarheel Fans
This cabinet contains some of my more colorful insulators.  As you can see these things are not all just aqua.   Also several of these came from our neighbor from the north,  top row first two on the left and middle row, far right are Canadian insulators.

Here are some of my 152
BROOKFIELD and B insulators.
 I have many  more Hemis and some
 Cals and a few  more Diamonds.
I think I like these because  I found
 many of these along local RR
lines about 30 years ago

This is my Canada connection.

This row has  a no name 143,
and a G.N.W. 143

This has a Montreal grooved base
and 2 versions of Withy 143s.

A straw No name 145 is second
from left here.

This is a new display that I made for the den window.  It is made of 3/16" Lexan and is anchored to a 35"x 23" Lexan sheet at 8" intervals and along the 4.5" sides.
Hunting is also one of my passions. These fellows are on my end of the den

This buck, taken October 15-2003, weighed 200 lbs and scored 152 points as non-typical. 

19" 8-Pointer A S.C. Record Book 10-Point Nice 8-Point, season' last day

Deer in the back yard one Sunday morn.  The one on the left was only 15ft away.

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